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The only camera that captures life in living pictures

Lytro lets you take pictures like never before. Unlike a conventional camera that captures a single plane of light, the Lytro camera captures the entire light field, which is all the light traveling in every direction in every point in space.

 The CameraThe very first light fields were captured at Stanford University over 15 years ago. The most advanced light field research required a roomful of cameras tethered to a supercomputer. Today, Lytro completes the job of taking light fields out of the research lab and making them available for everyone, in the form of the world’s first Lytro Light Field Camera.

Capture everything - instantly.
Capture living pictures with the press of a single button. By instantly capturing complete light field data, the Lytro camera gives you capabilities you've never had in a regular camera.

Focus after the fact.
Since you'll capture the color, intensity, and direction of all the light, you can experience the first major light field capability - focusing after the fact. Focus and re-focus, anywhere in the picture. You can refocus your pictures at anytime.

And focusing after the fact, means no auto-focus motor. No auto-focus motor means no shutter delay. So, capture the moment you meant to capture not the one a shutter-delayed camera captured for you.

Share the love. 
Friends and family can explore your living pictures – having fun interacting with them like you did – on nearly any device, like your mobile phone, your web browser or your tablet.

Easily share from the desktop or from Lytro.com to friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, email or your blog.

Take a look on Price

Red Hot : $499 ( 750 Pictures - 16GB)
Graphite : $399 (350 Pictures - 8GB)
Electric Blue : $399:(350 Pictures - 8GB)

Top Comments

The New York Times
"For a photographer, whether amateur or professional, the Lytro technology means that the headaches of focusing a shot go away."
Steve Lohr, The New York Times


"Lytro will introduce the first light field camera that allows consumers to instantly capture interactive, living pictures and then focus them AFTER they are taken."
Best of Innovations Award for Digital Imaging

"But here's the truly cool part: the camera uses a series of algorithms to let users refocus a picture after it's taken."
The 50 Best Inventions of 2011

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