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How to get and what documents are required for Berth Certificate?


A birth certificate is an important affidavit that gets recorded in the Births Register of the country where a child is born. This certificate includes information like place, year, month, day, date and time of the child’s birth. This is considered a very useful and important document is an identification to determine the person’s nationality and age.

A regular birth certificate should have the child’s sex, the place it was born and the day, date and time it was born. At the time of registering the PPSN of the child will be provided by the office. The child’s forename and surname should be clearly mentioned as this will be used in all documents thereafter.

The details of the mother, her forename, surname, maiden name and occupation should be clearly mentioned. The type of occupation should be mentioned for the purpose of statistics. The present and the previous occupations should also be mentioned in these cases. ‘Unemployed’ is not an acknowledged term and hence a woman who is not employed can use the term ‘home maker’

The mother’s marital status when the child is born, ‘widow’, ‘single,’ ‘married’, ‘never married’ or ‘separated’ should be clearly mentioned. Along with this declaration her date of birth and PPSN No. should be mentioned.

The father’s forename and surname, marital status, the surname and birth name of the mother of the father should be recorded in the register of baptisms. The father’s address, occupation and any other details related to the registering of the child’s birth.

A birth certificate is used at the time of school admissions, college admissions, and hospital benefits, licenses of any kind, applying for government grants or legal documents from the government. It is used for all purpose as an identity document to disclose the person’s age, name and sex for statistical purposes by the government.

What is the eligibility Criteria to Avail Birth Certificate?

Any individual who is a citizen or NRI born in the state is eligible for availing the birth certificate. The birth certificate is issued to the parents in favour of child on the basis of application and specific amount deposited along with application form to the concerned authority

Following documents are required:

  • Application on a plain paper
  • Proof of Birth of the child in respect of whom the certificate is required
  • Affidavit specifying place, date and time of birth of the child.
  • Copy of Ration Card
  • Photograph of Child along with Parent.

All documents to be attested by a Gazetted Officer


Birth Certificates in Delhi are issued by the Local Bodies namely MCD, NDMC, Delhi Cantonment Board, within 7 days from the date of receipt of application from the applicant, provided the birth has already been registered. The certificates are issued from the registration centers/Zonal Offices of the local bodies.

Text Courtesy: Indian Embassy

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