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Common AdSense FAQ


Do I have to own a website to use AdSense?


Yes, you must have access to edit the HTML source code of the website you submit in your application in order to be able to display Google ads or an AdSense for search box.


When do I get paid?


Google will send your check or EFT payment within approximately 30 days of the end of the month after you make US$100, unless a payment hold exists or unless otherwise agreed to in writing (including electronic mail).
For example: If you earn $50 in January and $80 in February, they'll send payment to you by the end of March.
If your account balance is less than US$100 at the end of the month, we'll roll your earnings over to the following month, until the payment threshold is reached. Balances include the combined earnings of AdSense for content and AdSense for search pages.
If you get the invalid clicks E-mail, you will not get another payment from Google unless you get reinstated.


I didn't get my check. Can I be reissued a check?

Yes. Make a request 25 days after the check was issued. If you receive checks by Secured Express Delivery, you can request a reissue of any month's payment after the 5th of the next month.
To request a new check, E-mail Google at adsense-support@Google.com and include the number, date, and amount of the check that you'd like reissued.


I didn't get my PIN.

E-Mail Google two weeks after they send it. Google sends it when you make $50.


How do I change my payee information?

You can't. You can only cancel the account and get a new one.

What do I do if my EFT payment fails?

Look at the notice on your Payment History page. Reentering your bank info can fix some issues, or you may have to contact Google.

Do I have to pay taxes on the money I earn?

If you are in the USA, yes. Get TurboTax. You may need to pay quarterly or get fines. As for other countries, odds are you do. Check with a CPA in your country.

Are my stats reflected in real time?

Reports on impressions and clicks are usually updated every fifteen to thirty minutes and occasionally there will be a delay of 24 hours or more in the reports you see on the website, according to Google. Though it usually looks like it's more like a few hours delay, on average.

How do I report AdSense violations?

You can contact Google AdSense using this link


Does high CTR mean elimination from Adsense?

Probably not. It shows your site is very optimized. It's when you have a massive spike that you want to worry about it. One thing to worry about is getting click-bombed. If you average 100 clicks a day, and suddenly get a 500 click day, contact Google immediately.

What is a good CTR?

It depends on the kind of site you got. Some sites have trouble getting a 1% CTR. Others have no trouble getting over 10% CTR. Check the links at the end of the FAQ for tips on optimizing your site.

Why does the page eCPM goes down as day progresses?

The ads which pay higher can end because they reach their daily limit.

CTR over 100% - what's up with that?

Visitors can click the ads more than once, like when they don't find what they want after the first click.

I clicked my own Ads by mistake!

Don't panic. No ones perfect. Many of us have done that. If you are really worried, you can E-mail them.

How do I keep from getting terminated?

  • Do use the Adsense approved formats only.
  • Do keep your click-through data and income private.
  • Don't display Adsense on registration or thank you pages.
  • Don't use Adsense code and a competitor's content-targeted advertisement on the same page.
  • Don't encourage anyone else to click on ads.
  • Don't click on the site's own ads ever.
  • Read the Adsense policies and terms.
  • The easiest method an account can be banned is by a Webmaster clicking on the site's own ads.
  • Spikes in click-through percentages are hefty red flags. Those are the changes worth becoming proactive over by emailing Google Adsense. A site that rises from a consistent 1% click-through rate to a 10% click-through rate on one day could become suspect. The actual percentage that creates the flag isn't made public for obvious reasons.


How many ads can I place on one page?

You can place one link unit and 3 regular ad units.

Can my account be reinstated after being disabled for invalid activity?

We're always willing to work with you to resolve any issues you might have. If you feel that this decision was made in error, and if you can maintain in good faith that the invalid activity was not due to the actions or negligence of you or those for whom you are responsible, you may appeal the disabling of your account.

To do so, please contact us only through their

appeal form.

Once we receive your appeal, we'll do our best to inform you quickly and will proceed with appropriate action as necessary. Please understand, however, that there is no guarantee that your account will be reinstated.

Once we've reached a decision on your appeal, further appeals may not be considered, and you might not receive any further communication from us.

Can I display ads on search results pages?


Can I sign up for more than one account?

Not unless you sign up for additional accounts under separate business entities. It's a good idea to E-Mail Google before you do.

How do I beta test AdSense for feeds?

Complete an application

How do I change my email address / login?

1. Create a new email. If possible, use the email address currently associated with your AdSense account
2. Write 'Login change request' as the subject of your message
3. Include the following in the body of your message:
  • The email address you'd like to use as your new account email address
  • The date of the first day your account registered AdSense impressions
  • The number of page impressions registered on your first day of impressions
  • 4. Send the email to adsense-support@Google.com
    If you currently do not have access to the email address associated with your account, Google may require more information to complete this request. (When I changed my E-mail address and didn't have access to the old E-Mail address, they did not require any extra info from me.)

    Why am I getting PSAs?

    Google has not yet crawled all the pages of your website.
    Your page may contain sensitive content for which relevant paying ads will not be displayed.

    • Your website is using session IDs in the URL.
    • The AdSense code was placed within an IFRAME.
    • Your web pages are behind a login.
    • There are too many URLs added to your account filter list.
    • Your web page may not contain enough content.
    • Your site content is primarily in an unsupported language.
    • Your site has restricted access using a robots.txt exclusion. If you would like to grant Google's crawler access your pages, you can do so without granting
    • permission to any other bots. Simply add the following two lines to the top of your robots.txt file:
      User-agent: Mediapartners-Google*
    • Your website is using frames. In order for Google to serve better targeted ads to the content on your website, select the Framed page checkbox from the Ad layout code page when generating your ad code.

    Why are ads not appearing on my site?

    You will need to enable JavaScript in your browser in order to view Google ads on a website. Personal firewall software or ad blocking software can cause Google ads to not display.
    If your site was previously disapproved, and is later reconsidered and approved for the AdSense program, there may be a delay of up to 48 hours before all of Googles servers are informed of the change and ads begin appearing on your site.

    I tried joining a week ago but I haven't got any reply. What do I do?

    E-mail Google.

    Why are my high paying ads getting so low EPC?

    Made for Adsense sites don't work! Give the advertisers poor quality clicks and they stop allowing there ads to show up. Plus there can be a lot of advertisers trying to make money off high paying keywords. For example, for mesothelioma, for every high paying advertiser (Think lawyers.) there are probably 25 low paying advertisers, and with the thousands of sites promoting the term, the lawyers get such low results that they probably stopped allowing there ads to show up on web sites.

    Can somebody sabotage my account?

    This is just a guess. But if Google doesn't compare domain registration contact with your account address, then yes, some one easily can. Then there's privacy registration which can make it hard to compare your address with the domain registration and contact the real site owner, and would probably get you dumped since the whois address wouldn't match.


    Should I make AdSense only sites?

    No. Make real sites. Not sites that you make just to get the visitor to come, and then leave on the AdSense ads. Google isn't known for banning people from going this..YET. But one of these days they might start banning for this.


    What Content I need for AdSense?

    When it comes to writing content for your site our main objective is to write content that is beneficial for your visitors. Do not write your content with only the search engines in mind. You also must be aware of the visitor. Writing useful and engaging content will increase your chances of having your visitor stay on your site longer and view multiple pages. The longer your visitor is on your site, the greater the chance that they will click on an ad. Our main goal is not necessarily to have a visitor click on one of our ads but instead to grab the reader’s attention which will then lead them to click on one of our ads.


    1. Sir as Google is going to change their policy,I have
      no Idea what the difference between Old Policy and new policy! can you tell me about that? Thankyou in advance...

    2. Dear Heena why are u so confused about new policy.

      Mission of new Policy is is going to change because of to many pages. New policy is very simple and can be understand very easily. You need not waste you time while reading Google's whole policy. Read only that is important for Google users. Changes in Google Policy will nor affect your Adds and another services. keep Blogging and Best of luck!


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