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Art: Shahnawaj Husain

Drawing is a form of visual expression and is one of the major forms within the visual arts. Drawing skills is useful in many ways, to reduce stress and get in touch with your feelings, & feeling proudly (you deserve). I think most of us knew this instinctively as kids: virtually all of us know the joys of sculpting something with play-dough, painting something with fingers, or drawing with crayons and other materials. However, other than making random doodles in the margins of a page while you’re on killing time, if you’re like most adults, you don’t express yourself with art like you did as a kid.

If you want to see your Drawing here, you are welcome simply e mail us on projectcsps@gmail.com with your name, Class and School/College name.

Drawing/Art by Shahnawaj Husain




Artist: Shahnawaj Husain
Student: BTech
College: HCST, Farrah Mathura

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