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Chapter 9 Are you willing to relocate or travel?



clip_image001[174] These are very simple questions. Answer these questions shortly. If you give lot of explanation for all the questions then the HR will get bored. Prepare yourself according to it. All the best!

clip_image001[174] Sir, it depends upon company requirement. If it is in company interest to relocate or travel me. Then I do not have any problem, because I m working for it. I always find myself interested in new things, because I always try to learn from new things.

clip_image001[174] Ya sure I’ll because I'm young, energetic, enthusiastic, and flexible and get adapt to any new situations & environment easily. Hope it's a good process of Socialization too.

clip_image001[174] Yes. I will relocate if the company requires and it is beneficial for me to learn new things and to come across different cultures of people and it elevates our internal skills how to adjust to different mindsets of people and environment.

clip_image001[174] I am ready to relocate because there I can learn new things through which I can reach my goal in short period. I would like to meet experienced persons through whom I can take as a guide to my goal. Also, travel is the best book where I can met many cultures, challenging environment and so on.

clip_image001[174] I want to build my career so I will give importance to my work rather than location n full-fill my company requirements.

clip_image001[174] Yes I am ready to relocate without any hesitation. Where I can come across the people of different cultures and well  Experienced people. Which intern helps me in accomplishing my short term and long term goals?

clip_image001[174] Depending upon the demands of the organization if need to relocate or travel then I will do it without any hesitation,  Because my foremost goal is the betterment of my organization.

clip_image001[174] Yes sir definitely, in my point of view work is given more importance than the location.

clip_image001[174] As from my short knowledge, travelling is the most powerful book to know the world, various work technique and  Developing problem solving capacity. However relocation is also a major technique to train Human resource of the  Organization. So, I will happy to grabs those opportunity provided by organization.

clip_image001[174] Yes, sir I want to relocate myself for company. This will give me a new experience to work in new environment as  Well as with more experienced employees.

clip_image001[174] Yes Sir I can relocate or travel at any place and it is my strength to change myself according to the environment. It is not new for me to relocate or travel at new places because I am already relocating three times at different places and at least two or three times I travel in train.

clip_image001[174] Yes of course because it gives me the opportunity to learn something new not only on the aspect of tradition even in our work environment. The more we travel the more we gather like vasco da Gama.

clip_image001[174] Yes, I’m very much willing to travel or relocate as it provides me the opportunity to work in a new environment where I can meet with people coming from different culture and learn new ideas / techniques that can enhance my  Carrere goal within the organization. To have a very long and successful carrier with the same organization it's  Necessary / imperative to understand the work culture and functions of the organization in different locations.

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