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Chapter 6 What is the difference between hard work and smart work?



clip_image001 If you love the job your doing then I don’t think that will be considered as a pressure but if at any odd times am required to work under pressure I ll definitely consider that as an opportunity given to me to prove myself in a creative and efficient way.

 clip_image001Pressure gives us a working ability and a potential to do the work. Through that difficult situations, our decision making capabilities and hided talents. Under those situations, we can learn to finish the work short and sweet.

 clip_image001Pressure is everywhere and a part of life, no one can say that I cannot have pressure at my workplace and will do work as per my convenience, so yes I can handle pressure my own way.

 clip_image001While spending our time with our loved ones we don't find any pressure or stress because we love them. In the same I love whatever I do at work so I don't find any pressure.


Other Answers in Two Line

  • Hard work: Less application of brain with high physical effort.
  • Smart work: Full application of brain with less physical effort.


  • Hard work: Finding an unknown word after searching every single word in dictionary and encyclopedia.
  • Smart work: Search it on Google or yahoo


  • Hard work: In a text editor if we want to rewrite something then typing it once again is hard work.
  • Smart work: Using Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v is smart work.


  • Hard work: Rush all the way through the crowd and get seat in a bus.
  • Smart work: Throw your handkerchief through the window and get a seat.


  • Hard work: is done by the procedural approach.
  • But smart work: is done by innovative thinking.


  • Hard Work is accomplishing task by applying more effort and less brain.
  • Smart work is done by applying more brain and little effort.


  • I think these two terms are not opposite. Smart worker is always a hard worker.
  • Without hard work no one can gain experience, and smart work does not come without experience. These terms are not opposite. They are related.


  • Hard work" is achieving your target with more physical effort and less by use of brain. Minimum use of technique.
  • Smart work: Are more use of brain and less use of physical efforts. More use of technique.


  • Hard work: To done a work in more time use not opportunity in good manner.
  • Smart work; to done a work in less time use opportunity on right time and right situation.


  • Hard work is more efforts and less use of brain.
  • Smart work is less efforts and more use of brain. A person should be expert in both these ways depending upon the situation and time allocated.


  • Using our body power is "Hard work" and using our Brain power for the same work is Smart work.
  • There is no difference between two terms because smart worker is subset of head worker. Hard worker by gaining experience can do work in smart way. How do you feel about working nights and weekends?

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