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Chapter 5 What is the difference between confidence and over confidence?



clip_image001[72] Sir, Knowing your abilities is confidence and thinking you are the only capable person is overconfidence.

Let me take an example:

· Suppose I wrote exam very well if someone asks me how the exam was then if I say I will get abs nearly 90% for sure its confidence because you know how you wrote

· But if I say I get top in the class or college then it’s over confidence because I don’t know how the rest of the college wrote the exam. maybe someone in the class is better student than me


clip_image001[72] Confidence and Over Confidence in two lines:

  • Confidence: is that thing that helps one person to overcome his/her obstacles
  • Over confidence: is that thing that creates obstacles for the person who has this.


  • Confidence: Sitting in front of you and telling that I have a good knowledge in programming.
  • Over Confidence: I have more knowledge than you is over confidence.


  • Confidence: When your attitude matches your ability is confidence.
  • Over Confidence: When your attitude crosses your ability is over confidence.


  • Confidence: Attitude and ability of a person is equally proportional
  • Over Confidence: Attitude and ability of a person is inversely proportional


  • Confidence: Behaving like an innocent but genius actually.
  • Over Confidence: Behaving like a genius but innocent actually.


  • Confidence: Finding the possibilities in a difficulty.
  • Over Confidence: Finding the difficulties in an opportunity.


  • Confidence: Concentrating the process (90%) and the result (10%)
  • Over Confidence: Concentrating the process (10%) and the result (90%)


  • Confidence: Attitude of a person will not be changed by Successes and failures.
  • Over Confidence: Attitude of a person is being sensitive to successes and failures.


  • Confidence: Thinking as a common man with full of knowledge.
  • Over confidence: Thinking as a genius without knowledge.


  • Confidence: Working hard to buy a bicycle
  • Over Confidence: Buying lottery ticket to own a car


  • Confidence: Doing a lot but speaking less
  • Over Confidence: Speaking a lot but doing nothing

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