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Chapter 3 What are your strengths and weaknesses?

My strength is:

  • Hard worker, quick learner of anything, effective listening, self confidence, self motivationimage, adaptability, willingness team, hardworking & sincere in completing task. Ability to communicate well.
  • Patience and positive thinking, I am result oriented with pleasant communication and assuring you for my best efforts and results.

My weakness:

  • Straight forward. I can't get sleep until finish my work.

clip_image001 Second answer

  • I feel that strengths and weakness can't be defined. It’s the skills of a person that define him. A particular skill can be your strength at some points and your weakness at some other. For e.g., one may say that talking too much is a weakness but this same habit helps me mingle up and adapt to new environment and win people's trust.

So, it’s not strengths and weakness as such but your ability to use your skill efficiently that makes it either your strength or weakness.

 clip_image001Third answer

My strength:

  • My parents, who motivates me in every aspects of my life.
  • Hardworking.
  • Self confidence.

My weakness:

  • Fear, but I don't want to overcome it completely because fear makes me to do the things perfectly.

 clip_image001Fourth answer

My strength:

  • Ability to learn quickly.

My weakness:

  • Fear, but I don't want to overcome completely.
  • Because fear makes me to do the things perfect?

 clip_image001Fifth answer

  • My strength is positive thinking, so I never feel work load and hesitation to do any work. And also I adopt myself to any work environment. Work once taken in hand I complete it in any situation.
  • My weakness is helping tendency, so it is very much difficult for me to say 'no' to someone and sometimes cross the limits while helping others. So with the help of my strength I always try to reduce others problem also.

 clip_image001Sixth answer

My strengths are:

  • My smile and my positive attitude.
  • Believe in systematic planning before doing any work.
  • Very punctual of time
  • Self confident

My weaknesses are:

  • If anyone cheat me then I never believe him/her anymore
  • I can't trust anyone within short of time
  • I don't feel comfortable until I finish my work

 clip_image001Seventh answer


  • I am optimistic person and can easily adoptable to work under any situation
  • Positive thinking
  • Self confidence
  • Eager to learn new things
  • Always try to learn from my mistakes
  • Hard working


  • I believe people blindly at first sight
  • Can't tolerate the disturbance during work time

 clip_image001Eight Answer


  • I am an optimistic person
  • I believe systematic planning before doing any work is the most efficient way to finish the work within given time.
  • I do not compare myself with others and I always concentrate on improving my own skills.(hence there is no room for depression and all for me)
  • I strive to give my best in all things I do and that make me happy and satisfied.
  • I would like to listen more than talking. That is the best way to get knowledge.


  • I do not feel comfortable until I finish my work.

 clip_image001Ninth Answer


  • Try to never do same mistake again.
  • Try to increase my speed of learning day by day
  • Like to accept challenges with attitude of I can.


  • ü Always thinks about how to increase my strengths

 clip_image001Tenth Answer


  • Positive thinking.
  • I am self motivated.
  • I like competition.
  • Hard worker.


  • Can't disturbance during a work.
  • Easy to believe.

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