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Chapter 20 Would you lie for the company?



 imageNo sir, because a lie works only for a temporary situation and may lead to loss in future.

image Let's wait for our success by being honest, why to use shortcuts?

image You are asking a plant to stand and grow, by cutting its roots!

image No as we know that indoor to maintain a lie we have to tell more lies. So that we tell the truth directly. But if there is a situation that happens only if lie can give solutions and good things, there is nothing wrong in that.

image Sorry sir, but I will not lie for the company because it is my ethics and moreover I don't think lying can help in growth of any company. It might be beneficial for a particular moment but it will affect the company's reputation in the long run.

image No, because it is failure of my & my company Objective So I will never lie for company. It can create dangerous situation in future so always depend on truth "it is prove able".

image I do without affecting my professional ethics.

image As far as I know this company is stand on a pillar of truth and I don’t think so there is a need to telling lie for this company.

image Sorry sir I can't lie because one time cheating can bring sudden success but does not give the power to sustain it. A simple lie can be devastating for the future....but to serve some specific missions I’ll if it’s not against the others interest.

image If my lie can improve our company development, surely I can. But only up-to some extent, until my conscience allow me to do so.

image Sir, actually I don't want to lie for the company, whenever if it is beneficial for the company and if it does not affect others I may lie but not sure about it. If it happens I will make sure my lie should not affect the organization in the future.

image I have not seen this situation in my past professional career. I believe no company asks you to bend your ethics & values only for organization growth. If I ever encounter with this type of situations, I cannot compromise on my ethics & values.

image It depends upon the situation sir one reputed company never face that kind of situation. If the situation comes then definitely I will sir why because as our ancient stories said if one lie can give a good result then its good only thank you sir.

image First any reputed company won't meet such situation, so in our organization, I'm sure I don't need to lie. By lying we're not going to get anything. Sometimes it may fetch problem. So without lying I’ll try my best to get the same result. Finally if there is no chance, I’ll lie.

image Even in our epic stories we have studied that if a lie can do well for four other peoples there is no fault in it therefore definitely I will not regret to do so. Here my development depends on our organizations development. In that case I didn't finds any guilty in our self.

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