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Chapter 2 Why should I hire you?


clip_image001 Sir. As I am a fresher you can mould me according to your company needs and I love learning new things with full dedication. Am sure that I’ll put my 100% effort on working for your company's growth.

 clip_image001Sir/madam, I feel that you can hire me as my profile and my objective meets your requirement. Apart from this if needed I can learn new things very quickly and I promise you that I put my best in the work for the growth of the organization and for my improvement.

 clip_image001Sir/madam I feel that my profile matches with your requirement, apart from this I can learn new things quickly and mold myself according to what the is expecting from me. If you can given the opportunity to work in your organization I put my best in the work for growth of organization.

 clip_image001Personally, this organization is a one of my dream company; according to myself I believe that this wonderful and the best platform where any software professional can build their own career along with the organization growth, and in future they'll definitely come up the different flying colors in their lives.

 clip_image001I am the most suitable person for this job. I understand that you require persons of integrity who are capable of putting hard work and are sincere and with high level of commitment to the organization. I think I fulfill all your requirements and will prove a good addition to your work force.

 clip_image001Sir you may look out for the qualities like. The candidate should be adaptable to your environment, apart from his work he should take his own interest on company development, he should be ready for relocation, he should be a quick leaner so I hope I have all these qualities.

 clip_image001Because I was well qualified technically for the position for which your company currently hiring, and obviously as a fresher I can adaptable to any environment, and will improve myself by learning new technologies and new requirements for the company’s growth. Putting all this apart, I am a quick learner, very dedicated to work; patience able i.e., can work also under pressure, and finally very friendly can work in team environment as well as single.

 clip_image001Sir, because the entire requirement regarding this job, are matching with my profile. Beside of this, since I am a fresher so if I get a chance here then I will put 100% effort to prove myself.

 clip_image001I am a person who always had curiosity to learn new thing I like. In spite this field is my passion, I could really enjoy this work and do my best for the company. Moreover I am an acute and observant person.

 clip_image001I'm totally dedicated to my work, I’m very responsible and confident person, and moreover I can adjust myself into any kind of environment.

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