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Chapter 19 What are your outside interests?


 imageMy outside interests are I will play with children so that I will forget all my tensions and relax myself. One more thing I will show interest to learn new things which would be helpful to me.

image My outside interest is playing chess. It teaches me that how to handle the critical situation. It improves our confidence level not only the game to get the success but also to our life.

image My outside interest is Reading Historical mythological and spiritual books to extract knowledge from management perspective. Writing blog: Elaborating current affairs through management view to extract learning’s out of it tracing: visiting and exploring new places and meeting new people.

image Playing cricket and chess to keep myself mentally and physically fit.

image My outside interest is playing cricket & chess because cricket makes my health better and chess makes my brain active.

image Sir, I love solving Brain Teasers, I like surfing internet for useful knowledge. I like to cook and I also have some interest in fashion designing.

image Sir, my outside interests are acting and teaching to my juniors as well as friends whenever they need me, as per my best of the subject knowledge

image My outside interest is playing football and cricket. As I am rare blood group, I know the importance of it. So social welfare is blended with me. I will donate blood at received opportunities and help people who met accident when I'm at that instant.

image My outside interests are watching football, spending time with friends, travelling.

image My outside interests are gardening and watching news.

image My outside interests are to spend time with friends, walking with them on roads, playing games, listening music and also sometimes to search new words from dictionary.

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