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Chapter 16 Describe your ideal company, location and job.



clip_image001 I think every job and place is ideal. It’s up to us how we adapt to the environment and enhance our skill.

clip_image001 A company which satisfies my financial, emotional and inspirational needs is an ideal company for me. The location and job profile should again add on to my overall satisfaction level.

clip_image001 Sir, The location doesn't matter for me as long as the job I am doing gives me enough room to develop myself and my thoughts for the benefit of the company.

clip_image001 There is nothing called as ideal company and ideal location. It purely depends on individual and his boss. The relation between them decides the company to be good for them.

clip_image001 Company will be any type. But it will recognize my work and it should give me satisfaction, location also doesn't matter, work will be work that doesn't depend on any workplace.

clip_image001 The company which offers me an opportunistic environment and growth is ideal for me. About location, I am not location specific. I just want to be a part of such a company wherever it is. And ideal job for me is the one which develops my skills and makes me feel energetic by doing it.

clip_image001 Ideal company: a company which enhances your competence level, offer you opportunities, which believes in working as team and grow as an individual and has a clear definite vision for both the employee and organization.

clip_image001 Ideal workplace would be that gives me peace of mind and has a positive environment. Ideal location: an ideal location will be where a person when wake in the morning in his home, never says that '' Oh. Again office''. Ideal job: an ideal job would be where employee can enjoy his work, use his skills, and make others happy and the most important get respect.

clip_image001 My ideal job is one where I can utilize and improve my skills and through that I’ll get satisfaction and I'll get recognition from my boss. My ideal location is one where I can get the chance to meet the different color people. My ideal company is one which is professional managed and identify the employer's skills and give the recognition.

clip_image001 A job Where I Love The work, like the people, can contribute and cannot wait to get the Work.

clip_image001 Satisfaction of my team Members & customer. A Job Where I will Get New Ideas. A job challenges me to do something new. A job helps to me to learn new things and grow my skills and knowledge.

clip_image001 Ideal company: Which deserves me Ideal location: Which I deserve. Ideal Job: Which makes me a deserving person.

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