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Chapter 15 Are not you overqualified for this position?


clip_image001 Sir, I am not over qualified just I am qualified for this position, and I have knowledge about the position in a fresher manner.

clip_image001 No sir I don't think so I am over qualified for this post because! Knowledge is not having any limit I am just a fresher not having any practical knowledge about what kind of work we are going to do in the organization so this is the best platform for me to learn something new and to enhance my skills.

clip_image001 No sir, I don't think I am overqualified because I am a fresher & I don't have experience but I can say I am qualified.

clip_image001 I think there is no term like overqualified because when a person begins to think that he is overqualified then from that very moment his fall starts, as far as I am concerned I can say that I am just a fresher and I am just well qualified for this post.

clip_image001 There is always to learn in anything & in anyone. So there is no word called overqualified as per my concern.

clip_image001 I can’t say I’m over qualified but can say well qualified. I am just a fresher and I don’t have any experience but willing to get a good experience.

clip_image001 Not Overqualified, I would say well qualified, my qualification will just help me to do the job better, and it will favor me to handle more responsibilities and help me to rise up to your expectations.

clip_image001 I feel extra qualification is just an eligibility criterion for some things. Sir, qualification without working skill and experience is a vain, I am supposed to attain them first by utilizing each and every opportunity that has been given to me, and then only my qualification will have real sense sir.

clip_image001 Yes I'm overqualified, but I don't think that I have to put all my 'qualifications' together for this job. Like a car isn't used at its maximum speed every time, so can my qualifications can be preserved for something better, if needed.

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