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Chapter 13 Give me an example of your creativity.



clip_image001 Creativity means creating something which is different from others. For example I love to play drums but don’t have drums to play at that I used to play on my college benches and blackboards which given me happiness.

clip_image001 I collect many snaps of my best friend some too old, some latest, some from her facebook account, and some from her orkut account. Then I made a birthday video for her. With subtitles of my emotions and wishes for her. & then I uploaded that video on facebook on the day of her birthday. And I was very happy when she said it was the most precious gift of her birthday.

clip_image001 The way of designed or developed in mind whatsoever the work is and utilizes which makes great result I think it is creativity of the person.

clip_image001 I had participated in technical drawing competition in a tech fest in which we asked to draw a wrist watch. So, to make it attractive and give sportive look to it we had taken car race as the theme. We made Dail of watch as tire of car, in d middle 3 gears having 3 hands attached to it; belts were as the finish line of race, etc.

clip_image001 It was my English class on that day; we had to speak about something in general for five minutes. When it was my turn I don't know what to talk about. So I started to talk about poverty in India. After my speech I and my friends decided to start a community to help the poor. We started a community in facebook. We received more replies from our friends and our relatives and this gave birth to our team called "Community Never Cheat".

Note: It is you community that u created. If you don't involve in this kind of community I suggest you to not choose this one.

Once one of my friends was angry with me & I had to wish his B'day but problem was neither he uses net nor he was taking my calls & I didn't want to msg him. Initially, I activated caller tune as Birthday day song & sent msgs to my friend contained lots of unpleasant words which made him so much frustrated that he had to call me. It worked, he made calls to me, I did attend it but second time & he said nothing about message except are tu bhoola nahi, thank you.

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