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Chapter 12 What makes you angry?



clip_image001 I am not a short temper but being a human its natural to get angry but also being a professional I can control my anger and never allow it to appear on my face and attitude. Honestly speaking when anybody cheats me I really feel very bad.

clip_image001 I am a very patience person. I don't lose my temper often. I get angry when someone wants to interfere in my work when they have got nothing to do with it. However, I don’t react immediately.

clip_image001 Every human on this earth gets angry but the thing is who stays calm, giving simple smile shows the humanity of a person.

clip_image001 Being a human its natural to get angry but it should not be shown on our face because a man would not know what he's speaking when he gets angry, which may hurt to the person on whom we are angry. So one should know how to control his anger if he knows it then he could work better than he can. I usually don't get angry much someone but I feel bad if someone who I really believed cheats me.

clip_image001 In Professional Environment There is no Place of Emotions. You Get Paid for Your Hard Work. Try to Consume the Energies to Solution, Not on Problem. I feel Bad When Some One is Unable to Understand My Position. Its Natural

clip_image001 I really do not get angry. For an example: if my junior doesn't do a given task at a given time then it’s my mistake because I was not able to get that work done from him. If at all I get angry, I never show it on my face because this may create differences and I may break long term relations for a short term gain!

clip_image001 Liar & dishonest person & irresponsible behavior getting me anger.

clip_image001 Irresponsible behavior negative attitude make me angry. Especially if we have to do a job in a group. But sir I never show my temperament or anger rather I try to convince them.

clip_image001 I get anger when my trusted person cheats me.

clip_image001 Irresponsible behavior negative attitude make me angry.

clip_image001 I don't lose my temper very often and I would always like to maintain my equanimity. But I experience a bit of anger whenever I come across people who slander. At the same time I think of the best way to get out of it-- i.e. to simply stay away from such kind of people.

clip_image001 Sir, I am not a short temper person but when somebody tries to disturb the working environment then it annoys me a lot.

clip_image001 I usually don’t show my anger to anyone. It may happen when

  • Someone repeat the same mistakes.
  • Argue for their mistakes. Almost try to control my anger. Because it’s not good for health and work.

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