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Chapter 11 What motivates you to do good job?



clip_image001 Sir, my motivation is my parents. They have worked hard to make me stand here. They always wanted to see me at better position in my life. I want to work to see satisfaction in their eyes and provide them a luxurious life by aiding them financially.

clip_image001 The dreams in the eyes of my parents to see me at the top, motivates me to do a good job.

clip_image001 Success, appreciation and the work environment motivates me.

clip_image001 For complete my responsibilities toward company and my parents I initially do good job. Another factor is desire to best & fulfill dreams.

clip_image001 First thing is my parents for all their struggles they have made it, to see me in a very good position in my life, and appreciation and awards from my company shows that still my talents are a good assets of the company.

clip_image001 My parents earning through hard and laborious work for my education, motivates me to do good job and fulfill my parents dream

clip_image001 The respect I earn out of it, the success and personal satisfaction. Sense of achievement and the feeling that I have not let anybody down. It’s good to be liked you know.

clip_image001 I have two reasons : First: Effort of my parents behind my Graduation and Secondly: Passion and love on my Profession

clip_image001 For the self satisfaction, the self confidence, to enhance my knowledge always motivates me to do a good job. Also my parents, who have made a lot of sacrifices in their life to make my dream real, motivates  Me a lot to do a good job and to make them proud to be my parents.

clip_image001 Encouragement from others, small success in my work and the one important thing is each failures motivates me a lot to the reach success. Because from each failure I can learn a lot and it will show me the right path to move toward success.

clip_image001 Encouragement from my parents and my friends, appreciations and rewards from our work field motivates us to do a good job.

clip_image001 There is only things which motivates me to do good job is the trust of my parents on me.

clip_image001 The dreams which are in the eyes of my parents to see me at the top position, only reason for motivate me to do a good job.

clip_image001 Failures and my parents' sacrifice towards many things for me motivate to do hard work and good job.

clip_image001 Challenges and achievements. Inner happiness while doing the work is most important. To add to that appreciation from seniors does help in doing a work more efficiently.

clip_image001 My failure motivates me the most. Because while undergoing through failure you come to know about your weakness and where you’re lagging behind, what kind of hard work you need to do to overcome that.

clip_image001 I have seen how was my father earn money to teach me, since my childhood my father hard work for me now that time come to when I will fulfill my father dreams and give all happiness of this world in his hand.

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