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Faraz Ahmad Qureshi, IAS Topper 2009: I will fondly cherish the memories of my struggle

imageFaraz Ahmad Qureshi, who successfully cracked Civil Services examination 2009, is the man behind the success of Shah Faizal, the IAS topper 2009. Faraz Qureshi was a faculty at Hamdard Study Circle, where he tutored Shah Faizal. Here is part 2  of his interview given to jagranjosh.com:

Jagran Josh: Tell us about your hobbies and interests?
FA Qureshi: My hobbies/interest areas are:

  • Reading Constitutions of various countries.
  • Urdu poetry
  • Compering/anchoring
  • Driving
  • Snooker

Jagran Josh: Who is your icon? How/Why?
FA Qureshi: Professionally, I do not have any icon. On personal front, I admire my parents (like every other son on this earth) for their love, support, encouragement, in short, for everything.

Jagran Josh: How many attempts have you taken for the exam?
FA Qureshi: I could crack this exam in my last (fourth) attempt.

Jagran josh: How do you look back at your years of preparation? Which event in your preparatory period motivated you the most?
FA Qureshi: I cannot recall any single event that motivated me, rather my own conceptions of a good career and discontentment of my well-placed friends in other fields kept my spirits high during my preparation. No doubt, the preparatory phase was highly tiresome and frustrating but, it is appropriately said in Hindi ‘’ant bhalaa to sab bhalaa’’. Thus, I will fondly cherish the memories of my struggle for the rest of my life.

Jagran Josh: Tell us briefly about your childhood, family background, schooling, higher education?
FA Qureshi: I was born in Raisen District of MP on 19 November 1982. My father, Dr Israr Ahmad Qureshi, is a Lawyer and renowned litterateur. My mother, Smt Saiyeda Israr Qureshi, is Lecturer. I am the youngest among three siblings. I completed my schooling from St Francis Convent School, Raisen. Then I pursued higher education (BCom Hons and MA Pub. Admn) at Institute for Excellence in Higher Education, Bhopal. I completed my MPhil from Salem University, Tamil Nadu.

Jagran Josh: Is there any necessary inclination that a Civil Service aspirant must have?
FA Qureshi: In my opinion, every Civil Service aspirant must have a wider intellectual vision to see through the complexities and to analyse things in their totality.

Jagran Josh: How has teaching shaped your outlook?
FA Qureshi: While serving as Academic Associate at Hamdard Study Circle and during my tutorship at various institutes, I understood the demands of various types of questions. My teaching experience enabled me to frame qualitative and well-structured answers in Civil Service exam.
Jagran Josh: Since the 3 stages are spread over several months, how did you manage to be consistent throughout? How did you handle stress?

FA Qureshi: All the stages of Civil Service exam require a different orientation of preparation. Thus, as soon as I cleared a particular stage, I was absorbed in the preparation for the next one. So, the long drawn process could not bother me as I always wished to have some extra hours in my day! My stress and frustration faded away in front of my dream to serve my country as a bureaucrat.

Jagran Josh: What mediums did you choose for study? Did you use internet?
FA Qureshi: Internet was crucial during my preparation (as an informative source as well as entertainment) but it always had some strings attached like connectivity, low speed or electricity supply. Most important sources of study were newspapers and magazines.

Jagran Josh: How familiar were you with the internet when you started your preparation? Was it difficult breaking out of the traditional method of instruction? How did you gear up for it? How did it help you?

FA Qureshi: I got pretty acquainted with Internet during my graduation. Thanks to my father who arranged the facility for me at home. In fact, I was the first in my city to have a personal Internet connection. In comparison to traditional sources like books, magazines etc, Internet has an edge as it provides all the required information at the same time and place. Because of Internet only I was able to make comprehensive notes on a particular topic.

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